Fantastic Mediterranean cuisine from a family restaurant!

Soup & Salad
Deli Sandwiches
Combo Sandwiches
Middle Eastern Specialties

“My favorite lunch spot in the neighborhood, tasty Lebanese food with American deli sandwiches. Always friendly and speedy, very happy they are open again!”

Mark Raymond

“My daughter’s all-time favorite! Fresh, always good, never disappoints. Mixed vegetarian platter all day!”

Amy Kerr Jung

“Awesome Mediterranean selections in a cozy environment. Will be back on our next trip to the West Side Market.”

Leslie Bakos

“Nate’s has been in business for 33 years! Family-owned business! I’ve been going there for 27 years and nothing has changed; it is still amazing food, great service, super clean, and very personal! I highly recommend Nate’s Deli and quite frankly think their Baba Ganoosh is the best!!!”

Stori Lynne